Online Services (Cloud)

Microsoft Exchange Online
Email, calendars and contacts on your PC, telephone or Internet.
Users can access their email, calendar and contacts from virtually anywhere using their computer, browser, or smartphone. (Ex: iPhone, Blackberry etc ...) Mailboxes have a capacity 25 GB per user. Attachments with a maximum size of 25 MB can be sent. Easy access to online management tools that allow you to manage users and authorisations. You also set up email on your own domain. This service is hosted an operated by Microsoft.


Microsoft Office 365

The simplest tool for collaboration. Microsoft Office 365 includes the best performing set of productivity and collaboration tools and is provided as a subscription service. With our cloud services, your business can reduce overall costs and provide tools corresponding to the appropriate users, all with levels of security and compliance required.

Complete Protection
This service is hosted and operated by Microsoft. The architecture of worldwide redundant servers ensures users to benefit from the appropriate technology for all of their applications, whether seasonal or regular. Guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. With regard to reliability, you can trust Microsoft, the industry leader in terms of productivity. Microsoft provides a warranty with 99.9% agreement level of financial service.

Online backup

This service is intended mainly for critical data. At regular intervals, the data are compressed and encrypted then sent to distant servers located in Montreal and Toronto. These high availability are accessible at any time to restore data.

Filtrage anti-spam et anti-virus

This is dedicated hosted service that filters the spam from your emails before the reach your email server.  As a result, you will improve your bandwilth to the Internet.  the service is hosted and operated by ZeroSpam, a Quebec leader in the spam filtering business.