C9361WN#140 HP #93 TRIColor Print Cartridge

C9361WN#140 HP #93 TRIColor Print Cartridge

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    C9361WN#140 HP 93 TRIColor Original Ink Cartridge

    Product specifications:
    Color: TriColor

    Ink Cartridge
    Product type: 
    Number of copies:
     HP inc
    Manufacturer's number: C9361WN 93 

    Printer compatibility:

    HP - DeskJet Series:     

    DeskJet 5420  
    DeskJet 5420v  
    DeskJet 5440   
    DeskJet 5440v 
    DeskJet 5440xi 
    DeskJet 5442  
    DeskJet 5443  
    DeskJet D4145  
    DeskJet D4155 
    DeskJet D4160 


    HP - PSC Series:     

    PSC 1507 
    PSC 1510 
    PSC 1510v 
    PSC 1510xi 


    HP - PhotoSmart Series:     

    PhotoSmart 7850    
    PhotoSmart C3100 
    PhotoSmart C3110 
    PhotoSmart C3125  
    PhotoSmart C3135 
    PhotoSmart C3140  
    PhotoSmart C3150  
    PhotoSmart C3170 
    PhotoSmart C3173 
    PhotoSmart C3175  
    PhotoSmart C3180 
    PhotoSmart C3183    
    PhotoSmart C3188  
    PhotoSmart C3190 
    PhotoSmart C3193 
    PhotoSmart C3194  
    PhotoSmart C4100 
    PhotoSmart C4110  
    PhotoSmart C4140  
    PhotoSmart C4150 
    PhotoSmart C4180 
    PhotoSmart C4183  
    PhotoSmart C4188